Are you having difficulty communicating as a family or facing challenges with parenting? Are you feeling worried about or distant from your children? Are you experiencing a transition like separation or adjusting to a blended/step family?




Therapy is a resource available to help family members talk about unresolved issues which might result in conflict or withdrawal when you try to discuss them. Transitions including parental separation, children's development and other situations you encounter as a family can impact each member and the family as a unit in various ways. My goal is to support you individually and as a family with better understanding each other's perspectives and becoming more connected.


I support families with managing the following issues:


  • Conflicts and power struggles with adolescents and parents

  • Fighting and conflict between family members/siblings

  • Effects of separation or divorce on family relationships

  • Adjusting to moving or immigrating to a new place

  • Managing youth's behavioural issues

  • Parenting style differences 

  • Youth's experience of trauma or abuse

  • Adjusting to youth's development or gender identity

  • Supporting a family member struggling with a physical/intellectual/mental health issue

  • Supporting an aging or ill family member 

  • Grief, loss, and bereavement


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