Are you having trouble with communication or trust in your relationship or marriage? Have you experienced infidelity or emotional disconnection? Are you having doubts about your relationship lasting?




Sometimes couples find it difficult to seek help for their relationship issues because they might feel discouraged about the potential of the relationship improving or they might fear being judged by others, each other or the therapist. I maintain a welcoming, nonjudgmental and encouraging space for you to work on your goals as a couple. Despite if you are in a fairly new relationship or have been married for many years, coming to therapy can help you to enhance your relationship. My goal is to help you determine the changes you believe your relationship requires and identify your individual needs so that you and your partner feel connected and fulfilled in the relationship.



I support couples with overcoming the following issues:


  • Communication (unresolved issues, feeling unheard or misunderstood)

  • Bickering, fighting, and escalating arguments

  • Expressing feelings and emotions 

  • Infidelity, affairs, and online or emotional relationships/friendships with others 

  • Emotional disconnection and loss of affection

  • Sexual and physical intimacy

  • Hurt, resentment, and abusive actions 

  • Past hurt or trauma of one or both partners impacting the relationship

  • Pre-marital counselling

  • Disagreements in open or polyamourous relationships

  • Loss of a parent or child, separation, illness or life transitions 

  • Parenting differences




You might be wondering how to improve your relationship if your partner seems disinterested in attending couples therapy. Or, perhaps you might have some hesitations about couples therapy yourself. We can discuss how I can best support you with addressing your concerns about couples therapy and about your relationship. Therapy is voluntary with no obligation which means that you or both you and your partner can attend one session, then determine if you would like to continue. You may also choose to end therapy at any time.  



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